Entering the Shift Age

Welcome to the Shift Age: IP, Big Data and Society, eBook 10 by David Houle - Futurist, Strategist and Keynote Speaker

eBook 10 covers Intellectual Property- the new wealth of the Shift Age - and how the Era of Big Data will change the ways in which we perceive ourselves and what we do during the next 20 years.


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IP, Big Data and Society (Entering the Shift Age, eBook 10)

eBook 10: IP, Big Data and Society
Chapter 22: IP is the Wealth of the Shift Age
Chapter 23: The Era of Big Data
Chapter 24: Society and Economics

IP in the Shift Age is becoming more transactional and global and increasingly will be the path to wealth.

Big data will become one of the most significant developments of the Shift Age and will change most areas of economics and business.

A quick look at some of the aspects of society and economics that will change in the Shift Age.